To use traditional art of Chinese reflexology, with China herbal foot soak your skin absorbing herbal spa, we provide the most relaxed and affordable foot massage; everyone can enjoy and benefit from Spring Massage. The more you experience a Body and foot massage, the better you well being.

To help you enjoy your own reflexology and service you better


Make a reservation

Call us at (818) 895-4748 to make a reservation and we'll make sure you will have your own session time with your preferred therapist. Walk in is also welcome.

Wear comfortable cloth

To make you feel relax and comfortable at the beginning

Yelp your requirement.

Don't be afraid or shy to say which body areas you would like worked on or at which strength level you would like. It is also very important for our therapist to know what you are thinking, because we do care your feelings and want to make sure you have the most enjoyable massage experience.

Drink water or tea after reflexology.

Our therapist aids in the release of toxins in your body. Drinking water and tea can help refresh and rejuvenate your body.

Monday - Friday Before 5:00pm 60 mins Body Massage or 60 mins Combination Massage $5 OFF
Daily Foot Massage Before 5:00pm $5 OFF

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